Prince of Persia Awakening

Awakening Quest

"Watch your back!"

"Watch your back!"

1st Quest - Craft Signature Item: Medallion of Time

Collect 80 fragments of the Sands of Time from
Chapter 14 - Powerful Knowledge (Heroic Difficulty)

Sands of Time

Mystic Dragonscale

Spartan Dagger

Ghostly Mantle

2nd Quest - Tidal Temple

Complete 6 times with Prince of Persia in your party
(Extreme+ Difficulty)

3rd Quest - Chapter 14 - Rathscar Foothills

Complete the stage with Prince of Persia in your party
Requirement: All heroes must survive (Heroic Difficulty)

Medallion of Time

Item Stats + Max Enchant
Max Health 1000 +903
Physical Attack 130 +119
Physical Armor 40 +35
Magic Armor 120 +105
Forge Bonus Stats
P. Attack ≥ 40 P. Pierce +30
P. Armor ≥ 100 Max Health +900
M. Armor ≥ 200 P. Attack +150