Forge Guide

Forge Overview

The Forge is used to further enhance the Stats of Awakened Heroes. Once a player reaches Level 90 the Forge becomes available for use. It can only be used with Awakened Heroes, however, and will be of no use to the player until they complete their first Awakening Quest. Once a Hero is Awakened, the Forge can be used to boost the Stats of the Hero’s Signature Item. Every Hero has 3 different Stats that may be boosted. Physical or Magic Attack, Physical Armor and Magic Armor. Once each of these Stats reaches a certain threshold, an additional Bonus Stat will be unlocked for that item. Once fully upgraded an Awakend Hero can receive the benefit of a total of 6 Bonus Stats from the Forging process.

Forged Stats applied to Signature Item

Example: Bonus Stats unlocked

Forge Bonus Stats
M. Attack ≥ 40 P. Armor +30
P. Armor ≥ 100 M. Attack +70
M. Armor ≥ 200 Max Health +2000

As you can see in the examples, once the Magic Attack Stat gets forged to 40 or higher, the Physical Armor Bonus unlocks. Again, once the Physical Armor Stat reaches 100 the Magic Attack Bonus unlocks. The 3 Base Stats (P./M. Attack, P. Armor, M. Armor) can be forged to a max value of 200 once the Forge is fully upgraded, but the Bonus Stats will only be awarded at the listed value and cannot be increased.

Upgrading the Forge

Every time you use the Forge you will gain Experience based on the type of Forge used. The Experience will be awarded even if you discard the proposed upgrade, but the cost of Forging will not be refunded. The Max Stats that can be Forged are capped at various levels. A Level 1 Forge starts with an initial Stat Cap of 20. This means that a Signature Item’s 3 Stats cannot be rasied above this cap. This is important to pay attention to especially when first gaining access to the Forge. It is possible to Max the Stats on your first Hero before reaching the XP needed to upgrade the Forge. If this occurs you will be stuck unable to use or level your Forge until you awaken a second Hero. As you level your Forge you will unlock an increased Stat Cap, new Forge Types and discounts to the Forging Cost.

Leveling the Forge

Level XP Required Upgrade Cost Upgrade Bonus
2 20 XP 5k Stat Cap Raised to 40
3 40 XP 25k Basic Forge Cost -10%
4 70 XP 30k Specialist Forge Unlocked
5 100 XP 50k Stat Cap Raised to 60
6 150 XP 70k Specialist Forge Cost -10%
7 200 XP 120k Master Forge Unlocked
8 300 XP 180k Stat Cap Raised to 80
9 400 XP 250k Master Forge Cost -10%
10 600 XP 320k Guru Forge Unlocked
11 800 XP 500k Stat Cap Raised to 100
12 1,000 XP 800k Guru Forge Cost -10%
13 1,300 XP 1.0m Legendary Forge Unlocked
14 1,600 XP 1.5m Stat Cap Raised to 120
15 1,900 XP 2.5m Legendary Forge Cost -10%
16 2,300 XP 3.5m Mystical Forge Unlocked
17 2,700 XP 5.5m Stat Cap Raised to 140
18 3,100 XP 7.5m Mystical Forge Cost -10%
19 3,600 XP 9.5m Glorious Forge Unlocked
20 4,100 XP 11.5m Stat Cap Raised to 170
21 4,600 XP 13.5m Glorious Forge Cost -10%
22 5,200 XP 15.5m Ultimate Forge Unlocked
23 5,800 XP 17.5m Stat Cap Raised to 200
24 6,400 XP 19.5m Ultimate Forge Cost -10%

Level 24 is the Max Level for the Forge. You can, however, continue to feed it another 7,100 XP. Overhead for all upgrades is 110.85 Million and 46,280 XP (does not include the 7,100 XP to cap the Forge). If only using Basic Forges to earn the necessary XP it will cost a total of 943.67 Million to max the Forge. That’s right almost 1 Billion to max the Forge!! Of course every 22 Hours you are able to use a Free Forge of any type to help reduce the total amount of XP and therefore it will actually cost less. If you plan on capping the Forge out at Level 24 in will cost an additional 127.8 Million , bringing the grand total to over 1.07 Billion !!!

The Forge also requires you to Awaken a certain number of Heroes to upgarde to certain levels. Below is a table of the number of Heroes required for these levels.

Number of Awakened Heroes Needed to Level

Forge Level Heroes Required
8 2
11 3
14 4
17 5
20 6
23 7

Using the Forge

When you use the Forge to upgrade an item, it will show you the Bonus and you can then choose to apply it or leave and discard it. Once an item reaches a certain amount of Stats, there will be a chance to receive a negative value. When this happens if you apply the Forged Bonus the corresponding Stat will be reduced in value. There is also a chance the Stat will remain unchanged. If you apply a negative result that causes a Stat to go below the required value to receive a Bonus, you will lose the Bonus until you Forge the item back to the required value.

Example: 2 Positives and 1 Unchanged

Example: 2 Negatives and 1 Positive

Below is a table that lists the various Forge Types along with the Cost per Forge and the Maximum Potential Stat Gain per Forge. Forge Costs are listed without discounts. At Level 24 all Forge Types will cost 10% less. The Max Stat Increase shows the highest potential value per Forge an item can have applied to each of the 3 Base Stats. The actual values you recieve may be anything up to that max value. Every Forge Type will produce only positive values until a Stat equals a certain value. It then will start prodcuing positive and negative values equally. Finally, at a second breakpoint it will produce mostly negative values. Every 22 Hours the Forge can be used for Free. Most importantly, you can use any Forge Type with this Free Forge. Even the Ultimate Forge!

Cost to Forge

Forge Type XP Gained Forge Cost Max Stat Increase
Basic 1 XP 20k +2/2/2
Specialist 4 XP 20 +3/3/3
Master 15 XP 50 +4/4/4
Guru 40 XP 100 +5/5/5
Legendary 75 XP 150 +6/6/6
Mystic 120 XP 200 +7/7/7
Glorious 200 XP 250 +8/8/8
Ultimate 300 XP 300 +9/9/9

Positive / Negative Stat Ranges

Forge Type Pos. Only Pos. / Neg. Mostly Neg.
Basic 20 40 40+
Specialist 40 60 60+
Master 60 80 80+
Guru 80 100 100+
Legendary 100 120 120+
Mystic 120 140 140+
Glorious 140 160 160+
Ultimate 160 180 180+